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Hills of Rock is taking place on July 25, 26 and 27 at Plovdiv’s Rowing Canal. The exact address is Yasna Polyana str, Plovdiv 4002. See Google Maps location of the main entrance here.

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria, about 110 kilometres southeast of the capital Sofia. If you travel from Sofia, you will can reach Hills of Rock’s festival area in Plovdiv after passing exactly 141 kilometres from Bulgaria’s largest airport – Sofia Airport. Plovdiv also has an airport near the city, so you can check for direct flights as well. The city is located near highway “Trakia” (A2), so travelling by car or bus is also acceptable. Check for updated information.

Main stage: Amon Amarth, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn, Skindred, Suicidal Tendencies, Spiritbox, Imminence, Baroness, Pain, Loathe, Combichrist, Frail Body, Ghost Kid, Me and My Devil, Massive Wagons.

Stroeja stage: Panican Whyasker, Joker Out, Portokal, Kokosha glava, Kontrol, Last Hope, Expectations, TDK, Babyface clan, Zhlach/Grigovor/Gena, Ali, No More Many More, Amoral, Woomb, O.H., Nocktern, Gigashadow

Na Tamno stage: La Ganga Cale, N.O.H.A, Sevi, Kerana, Fyeld, Rewind!, Coolden, Terpentina, Spalni Mesta, Tsar Plah, Toy Letters, The Fourtones, Death Row, Coven 5, Ribka.

IMPORTANT: This information may be updated.

Hills of Rock 2024 will open at around 15:30 on 25.07. Every day, performances on the main stage will continue until 00:15. Performances of the remaining scenes will continue until around 01:50.

Keep an eye on the News section as well as your email for updates.

You can enter anytime after the doors open. Note that we recommend arriving as early as possible. Most visitors come between 19:00 and 21:00. If you can arrive before this time, you will significantly reduce the waiting time to access the festival area.


Tickets for Hills of Rock 2024 can be found:

  • online at
  • at Na Tamno shops
  • at Fast Pay checkouts
  • at the resale platform TicketSwap

Tickets purchased from other locations may be invalid – be careful. Three-day, one-day and camping tickets are available. VIP tickets are not available.

Children up to 10 years included can join us WITHOUT the need for a ticket, necessarily with an adult companion and a filled Companion Declaration.

Exceptionally, we provide free admission for children under 13 years of age if their companions have purchased tickets for the non-held edition in 2023.

If you are a disabled person, have a certificate of a certain degree of disability issued by TELK and want to visit the festival, please contact us at so that we can try to ensure the best experience for you.

No, camping tickets are sold separately. See more at the “Tickets” section.


If you purchased a promotional ticket for the canceled 2023 edition and did not apply for a refund, you can visit Hills of Rock 2024 without the need to revalidate your ticket.

In the event that further action is required, we will inform you at the email from which you purchased your ticket.

You don’t need to do anything at this time. If you have not received a refund, you will be able to use this ticket for access to Hills of Rock 2024.

Hills of Rock tickets can be purchased with health insurance from Euroins. Its value is equal to 7% of the value of the selected ticket. In addition, you can purchase ticket/s on installment payment with 0% markup from TBI under one of two repayment schemes. See more at

According to the Hills of Rock 2024’s Promoter Terms and Conditions, which you agree to upon purchase, you cannot return your ticket.

You can offer your ticket on the only secure ticket resale platform – TicketSwap. See more at

Hills of Rock 2024 tickets are not nominal and the names on your ticket will not be checked.

However, do not buy tickets from strangers if they are not available through the TicketSwap platform. Under no circumstances do not buy bracelets and any access attributes from people on the street – in 100% of cases, this is a scam.

DO NOT print your ticket – you can show it from your smartphone screen, or load it into Apple Wallet. Let’s help protect nature 🙂


Only a small amount of personal belongings and clothing are allowed into the Hills of Rock area. For your convenience, we are adding a list of some allowed things that you may have questions about:

  • Sunscreen; Repellent – NOT in the form of an aerosol/in a pressurized package;
  • Lighter; Cigarettes/E-cigarettes;
  • up to 0.5 l plastic water bottle /cap will be removed at the entrance/;
  • Medications (asthma spray, pills, etc.);
  • Power banks;
  • Contact lens solution;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Insulin syringe (NOT a normal syringe, but one with a very short needle), the maximum allowed is 1 syringe;
  • A small bottle of insulin;
  • Baby carriage/basket.

A personal belongings storage area will be available at Hills of Rock 2024! There you will be able to leave items taken from you by security because they fall on the list of prohibited items. The storage area for personal belongings is a paid service for which you will be charged.

The following are expressly prohibited:

  • Substances the use of which is prohibited by law;
  • Narcotic substances and paraphernalia for their use;
  • Cold weapons, firearms and other means of self-defense (such as, but not limited to, knives of any size, gas guns, pepper spray) or other dangerous objects that can be used as weapons;
  • Flammable substances or liquids, including aerosols;
  • Markers, sprays;
  • Backpacks and bags with a capacity greater than 15 liters or about 35x25x12 cm
  • Glass and plastic containers, glass/metal/plastic bottles, metal cups and rigid packaging;
  •  Food and alcohol from the outside;
  • Water for one person in a package larger than 0.5 liters
  • Umbrellas – if it rains, please take a raincoat;
  • Banners, torches, sticks (including selfie sticks);
  • Bulky items, chairs, boxes, rugs, sleeping bags and tents;
  • Bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, electric scooters and other vehicles;
  • Lasers, glow sticks;
  • Devices producing noise – whistles, bells, etc.;
  • Chain belts, wrap-around belts and studded belts (conical studded);

It is prohibited to import professional filming equipment of any type, incl. GoPro. It is strictly forbidden to use drones on the festival grounds. 

During Hills of Rock 2024, you will have access to a storage area for personal belongings. In case of need, you will be able to leave your personal belongings there. The storage area will be marked on the festival map to give you an idea of ​​its location. Please note that you will be charged for using the storage area. In the storage area, you could leave any personal belongings that would prevent you from entering the event area. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items before visiting us.

Multiple re-entry of the festival area within one festival day is prohibited. Of course, three-day ticket holders will be able to access the event after the first festival day is over. You may be required to provide identification upon check-in.

It is ONLY allowed to take pictures with a phone and a camera that does not allow changing the lens (excluding Go Pro). It is forbidden to import professional or semi-professional photo or video equipment. The use of drones is expressly prohibited.

It is forbidden to bring food and drinks of any kind into the festival, except for children’s food.

At Hills of Rock 2024 you will have access to a huge variety of places to eat and drink, including vegan options. It is allowed to bring water in portions of up to 500ml per person. In case of extremely high temperatures, this amount can be increased to 750ml.

payments and others

Payments in the dining areas are made ONLY with personal contactless cards, regardless of their issuer, or contactless Fest Cards. Cash is not accepted except to issue a Fest Card. Payments in the merch area can be made in cash (BGN ONLY), with a personal contactless card or with a Fest Card. We strongly recommend you bring your personal contactless card with which to make payments during the event.

During Hills of Rock you can use:

  1. Personal contactless cards – you can make payments with your contactless card, regardless of its issuer (including Revolut)
  2. If you do not have a personal contactless card, you will be able to purchase* a Fest Catering payment card:
    1. The card is issued within the event and is valid only until its end
    2. The fee for issuing plastic is BGN 2.
    3. Amounts loaded on the card cannot be used except within another Fest Team concert.
    4. Amounts loaded on the card can be used on all festival days.

* You can pay cash (BGN only) to purchase a Fest Catering contactless card.

Payments in the merch area are possible in cash, with a bank card or with a Fest Card. Payments are made with the support of


Several medical teams will be positioned on the territory of the festival. It is important to inform yourself of their location from the information boards posted in advance so that you are prepared in case of need.

We strive to make Hills of Rock accessible to people with disabilities.

Wider additional lanes at the entrances are planned to make it as easy as possible to pass through the main entrance of the festival, as well as special toilets in easily accessible places.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

Please note that your Hills of Rock ticket does not include a secured parking space. Parking spaces around the festival are limited. We highly recommend using public transport or taxis.

To ensure the comfort of all visitors, there is ample seating around all stages. You are not allowed to take extra chairs unless your condition explicitly requires it.

It is not forbidden to bring a pram to the event, but keep in mind that the sound is very loud and it can seriously damage your child’s hearing.

E-mail us at or on our official Facebook page – we regularly monitor all comments, opinions and questions.

child accompaniment declaration

Grab the declartation from here

Festival organiser's terms and conditions

Read Fest Team’s T&Cs

HILLS OF ROCK 2024 is organized by Fest Team, and is part of the “Heritage 2023” program of the “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation and is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv.